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Clark county voter registration lookup


To find out which jurisdictions you live in, you may look at your voter registration card, or go to , or call the Elections Office at 564.397.2345, or email us at [email protected]clark.wa.gov. Political parties : Voters do not register for a political party in the state of Washington.. Web. Web.


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Kentucky requires citizens to register with the Secretary of State in order to vote in local, Kentucky, and federal elections. Voter databases in Clark County include the application to register, the voter's precinct and party affiliation, and whether the voter has participated in any previous local, state, and federal elections.. Web.

A $12.50 fee is charged for voter registration lists. The fee must be paid prior to the receipt of the requested items. Call the Elections Office at 564.397.2345 for assistance before mailing the work order form. Matchback data is available for each election cycle at no cost.


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